Optometrist office in Ft. Wayne, IN closing out frame inventory.

Approx. 375-400 frames available to donate to non-profit group or to sell to for-profit company. Other items available: glasses cases, scratch-resistant and non-scratch resistant finished lens blanks in a variety of powers. Contact Indiana Vision Development Center, Dr. Carl Myers, OD,FCOVD, at 260-497-7973 if interested.


FCO is pleased to recommend the recently published book: Where’s Your Focus? Writings of a Christian Optometrist. This 115 page book was written by Dr. Joe Segree, a member of FCO’s Board of Directors. It is published by Westbow Press. Along with other topics, Dr. Segree addresses one of the foremost issues faced by Christian optometrists today: that of balancing an optometry career with the call to ministry. Where’s Your Focus? comes from the life and ministry of one who, for forty years has traveled these parallel paths. Its content is varied, including the author’s own story, short focused chapters, personal letters and other writings. Written with both seasoned Christians and new or young believers in mind, Dr. Segree strikes the right balance between personal testimony and Biblical exhortation and instruction. The inspiration and authority of the Bible, the lordship of Jesus Christ, and the reality of eternal life come through loud and clear.

Where’s Your Focus? Writings of a Christian Optometrist can be purchased through on-line booksellers or from the author directly. To order directly, send a check for $15 (which includes shipping and handling) to Dr. Joe Segree, 1401 Longview Drive, Campbellsville, KY, 42718. Dr. Segree may be contacted at joesegree@gmail.com or at 270-849-5466.
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Would you like to leave your patients with something even more important than glasses? Audio Scripture Ministries is a source of solar rechargeable, durable, handheld audio Bibles that are wonderful to give non-literate or low vision patients. The buttons are raised and can easily be navigated even if the user cannot see well. Here is a link to a description of the audio player: https://asmtoday.org/players/. Each player can be loaded with a New Testament and you have the option to add portions of the Old Testament. There are thousands of languages available, so please contact ASM*rsquo;s Resource Department (616-396-5291) to find out if the language you need for your mission trip is available. Prices vary depending on what you choose to have loaded on it, but on average, prices are in the $35 per player range. I have taken these with me on several trips to Haiti and they have been such an encouragement to the recipients. Please let me know if you have questions about the players or how they might fit into your eye care mission trip.

Ann Hemmeke, OD: annhemmeke@gmail.com