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Grace Eye Center is an FCO-GHANA missionary eye clinic which was launched on 1st April 2014.The eye center started its operation on the day it was launched. The eye center is made up of the ophthalmic group that forms the members of the FCO-GHANA. The eye center is not yet operating in any Building complex. It operates by visiting people in the communities providing eye care and furtherance of the Gospel. The center dreams to operate in a building complex which can accommodate and conduct review for its patient and get a bus to convey patients and the ophthalmic group.


FCO ghana aims to creat awareness to every community in ghana about the various blinding eye conditions through evangelism and intensive eye care.We are working effectively to save the sight of the people because of our motto 'THE EYE IS THE LAMP OF THE BODY - MATTHEW 6:22'.

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The Fellowship of Christian Optometrists, GHANA, founded in 2014, is a not-for-profit evangelical organization of Christian optometrists, optometry students, and allied ophthalmic personnel committed to GHANA eye care missions and intraprofessional Christian fellowship.

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